Lion Life Insurance
Global Capability and
Defense in Depth

The Lion Life Assurance Platform uses a comprehensive layered Defense in Depth strategy to safeguard sensitive data and transactions. A Defense in Depth strategy allows for multiple compensating controls to reduce risk and single security points of failure. It incorporates security best practices and standards to provide a high level of protection from external and internal threats and to adhere to regulatory compliance standards.


A layered approach employs the use of firewalls, network segmentation and design techniques to isolate outward facing (web) hardened network layers into a DMZ (demilitarized zone) from database and internal layers. Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) provide real time monitoring of suspicous activity and block malicous attempts.


The security strategy provides protection for both data at rest and in transit. All transactions are safeguarded using the latest in security technology. Sensitive financial data are transferred over secure connections and all sensitive data are stored in an encrypted format in Lion Life's databases, which are themselves protected by a layer of security. Lion Life uses the strongest available 128 bit SSL encryption.


In addition, Lion Life internally employs best practices to ensure structured IT Governance and a formal set of policies, procedures and audit oversight designed to adhere to ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standards. ITIL is the most widely adopted approach for IT Service Management in the world. It provides a practical, no-nonsense framework for identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT services to the business. ITIL advocates that IT services must be aligned to the needs of the business and underpin the core business processes. It provides guidance to organizations on how to use IT as a tool to facilitate business change, transformation and growth.